Joyful Meanderings of a Hopeful Pastor

On Healing..

Thoughts on Healing.... In preparation for our first year Confirmation class that meets weekly, we have been reading the Book of Psalms. We introduced a “Psalms Reading Plan” that suggests a few Psalms for the youth to read and reflect... Continue Reading →

My Journey to Answer…

I was asked to write about my faith journey and my calling to ministry as a part of the discernment process. As I sat down to reflect and eventually begin writing this, I thought about how we ask our youth... Continue Reading →

Faith is a gift..

We call her sunshine and showers. She wears her heart on her sleeve and contains more Grace then any little creature I have ever known. She will cry when she is happy and she will laugh when she is sad.... Continue Reading →

Broken Ornaments and Spilled Egg-Nog

I sit on the floor looking at the mess that is my living room. I watch our kitten crash through the scraps of wrapping paper and ribbon that cover the floor and I just have to smile. I have long... Continue Reading →

The Sacred Space of Relationship

With the religious practices of the traditional church evolving and emerging within the context of the 21st century, one cornerstone of the church remains constant – that is, the value found in the cultivation of relationship. I view one of... Continue Reading →

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