Joyful Meanderings of a Hopeful Pastor

About Birthdays….

In this post, I have included two heart inspired, thoughtful meanderings ("Beautiful Insanity", and "Birthday Wisdom") written about one of my favorite topics... Birthdays! "Beautiful Insanity" was one of my first posts written as a Norton Patch Community and Family... Continue Reading →

Fish Sticks and Grace?

This is the Sermon I wrote for Chapel this summer at Camp Cody Saturday 8/15/15. Theme: Background Check Scripture: Micah 6:8 Micah was an Old Testament Prophet – who was watching the integrity of God’s people diminish. The people would... Continue Reading →

Religious Bible Thumping Hippies?

A visit to a post I wrote three years ago... For one of my classes this week, I have been asked to reflect upon my spiritual upbringing as a child... I have not wandered too far from this place... And... Continue Reading →

Teach us to pray….

Summer Worship Series:  Sunday September 6, 2015: Teach Us to Pray Scripture Reading: Luke 11:1-4, 9-10 Anne Marie Holloway Member in Discernment Old South Union Church September has arrived and for most (both student and teacher) the academic year has... Continue Reading →

In a Moment of Silence..

NOTE: This post is a copy of my first "official" attempt at preparing sermon. Shared at Old South Union Church on Sunday July 5, 2015. Old South Union is my childhood church.  What joy it brings to have them walk... Continue Reading →

To Take A Collective Breath: The Practice of Discernment

Then it happened…We stopped, held hands, bowed heads and began to pray. Our prayer seemed to stop the sands of time, was full of depth and maturity and allowed us a moment to breathe. And as our prayer became our... Continue Reading →

On Healing..

Thoughts on Healing.... In preparation for our first year Confirmation class that meets weekly, we have been reading the Book of Psalms. We introduced a “Psalms Reading Plan” that suggests a few Psalms for the youth to read and reflect... Continue Reading →

My Journey to Answer…

I was asked to write about my faith journey and my calling to ministry as a part of the discernment process. As I sat down to reflect and eventually begin writing this, I thought about how we ask our youth... Continue Reading →

Faith is a gift..

We call her sunshine and showers. She wears her heart on her sleeve and contains more Grace then any little creature I have ever known. She will cry when she is happy and she will laugh when she is sad.... Continue Reading →

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