Joyful Meanderings of a Hope-filled Traveler

Anne Marie Holloway: Thoughts for the journey…


Joyful Meanderings

What a gift it is to be a hope-filled traveler on this journey called "life!" I am the mother of four, wife, daughter, sister, friend, pastor and a fearfully and wonderfully made child of God! I have a passion for the work of communities and the local church. I find joy in each and every aspect of this call to ministry! I certainly have been blessed to have met some incredible humans along the way -- all who are serving God's church in amazing and exciting ways and who continue to feed my soul and inform my own ministry! My cup "overfloweth"! Thank you for visiting my blog! Blessings!

Faith Answered…

I am reminded of a “God moment” that I would like to share with you today. “God moments” (also fondly known as God winks) in my house are those moments that seem almost unbelievable, are perfectly timed and slightly serendipitous.... Continue Reading →

The Garden…

There is certainly a beautiful mix and mess of things growing in my wild and wonderful garden ... I cannot say that digging in the garden brings me peace. To be honest, I really do not enjoy dirt under my... Continue Reading →

A little note…

What a gift it is to be a hope-filled traveler on this journey called "life!" I am the mother of four and ordained minister of the United Church of  Christ! I have a heart that bursts wide open with a... Continue Reading →

Welcome Message

The Ordinary

  I will be spending the next few weeks serving as Auxiliary Pastor for a rural church community in Rehoboth, (Rehoboth Congregational Church, UCC) while their awesome Senior Pastor, is away on sabbatical.  In reflecting upon the Summer Worship Series... Continue Reading →

You and I can be like Flashlights…

Sometimes my children..Wait, let me rephrase that.. Often times, my children remind me about our calling in the world... It has also become apparent to me, that I cannot always protect them  from the things that happen in the world.... Continue Reading →

A Bucket List??? (A visit to another old post, written in what feels like another lifetime!!) I don’t know about you, but as a working Mom of four active, school-aged kids, I have very little time available for myself to stop reflect,... Continue Reading →

About Birthdays….

In this post, I have included two meanderings ("Beautiful Insanity", and "Birthday Wisdom") written about one of my favorite topics... Birthdays! "Beautiful Insanity" was one of my first posts written as a Norton Patch Community and Family Blogger... Birthday Wisdom... Continue Reading →

Fish Sticks and Grace?

This is the Sermon I wrote for Chapel this summer at Camp Cody Saturday 8/15/15. Theme: Background Check Scripture: Micah 6:8 Micah was an Old Testament Prophet – who was watching the integrity of God’s people diminish. The people would... Continue Reading →

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