As we all begin the journey into this new year, many of you have shared with me that the pandemic time has produced some “stirrings” in your hearts. Some of you are attempting to try new things, exploring new career options and/or making big changes for your family’s health and wellness– and more . . .
You are not alone. I believe the whole world is feeling these “stirrings” and responding in similar ways… 
These past two Pandemic years have brought with them new perspectives regarding what we deem as most important – as priority. I wonder what that might be — for our churches, for our families, for our world ? I wonder how God is speaking to us as we journey forward together? How is God’s Holy Spirit calling us to be God’s hands and feet in this crazy world?

I do not know where the Spirit will lead us in the months ahead, but I do know (with certainty) that we will be held in God’s gentle and loving care as we pay attention to the “stirrings” of our hearts.

I believe that God speaks directly to us through the space of the heart.

It is my hope, that as we prayerfully try to figure all these things out, that you find the following words from Traci Smith, (ordained minister, mother of three and author) comforting. Traci gently advises us to keep LOVE (and prayer) at the center of our decision making — a good reminder for us all!  
“The Bible tells us that God and love are inseparable. The book of 1 John, chapter 4, verse 16 says this God is love, and those who abide in love abide in God, and God abides in them. (NRSV). God and love are the same. If we feel love, we feel God and if we feel God, we feel love. If you’re having trouble discerning whether something is from God or not, ask yourself if it feels loving or not. Something to try: Try to memorize this verse. It’s short and easy to remember. Try saying it every morning when you wake up and every evening when you go to sleep.”

Imagine going to sleep every night and waking every morning with these holy words of scripture on your lips and in your hearts. 
With God, all things are possible.
With love, all things are possible!

May God’s love surround your hearts and guide all your holy decision making in the days and months ahead. 

With MUCH Love for you,