What a gift it is to be a hope-filled traveler on this journey called “life!” I am the mother of four and ordained minister of the United Church of  Christ! I have a heart that bursts wide open with a passion for the work of communities and the local church… I was called to pastoral ministry as a teen and I enter into pastoral ministry with over 20 years of experience in serving families and children and ministering to others.

I am passionate about the stories of God’s people. I walk as a minister who has been lovingly molded by a faith that is richly supported by stories of promise, ancient times, ancient peoples, current culture, true love, motherhood, relationships, loss, healing and forgiveness. These stories are gifts and they are treasures that have fueled my passion for serving Christ’s Church as a pastor. I continuously find myself falling in love with the way that God takes the stories of our past, of our present and of our future and weaves them into the fabric of creation and of existence. I am passionate about the way God’s love is woven into our lives and expressed through the work of communities. I am passionate about sharing the good news of God’s love as expressed in our stories! Oh, how God wants us to share our stories!

I have joyfully served churches all around New England in many different capacities; as a settled minister, planning and leading worship, administering the sacraments, teaching, preaching, building community through social media and online tools, leading fundraisers, discerning new ministry visions and the ways in which God is calling all of us to be the hands and feet of Jesus in this world! I have spent a great deal of my ministry focusing on intergenerational ministry and the hope and promise that each individual brings!  I am passionate about the way in which God speaks to us through community. I believe that God’s call to us is also experienced and understood through the listening to the whispers of our very own hearts.

I come from a long line of storytellers and folks who value what it means to be a child of God!

You can find some of my meandering writings here through some blog posts @ Signature Healthcare Mom’s Blog : http://signaturemoms.com/?s=Anne+Marie+Holloway. 

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