Joyful Meanderings of a Hopeful Pastor


November 2015

You and I can be like Flashlights…

Sometimes my children..Wait, let me rephrase that.. Often times, my children remind me about our calling in the world... It has also become apparent to me, that I cannot always protect them  from the things that happen in the world.... Continue Reading →

A Bucket List??? (A visit to another old post, written in what feels like another lifetime!!) I don’t know about you, but as a working Mom of four active, school-aged kids, I have very little time available for myself to stop reflect,... Continue Reading →

About Birthdays….

In this post, I have included two heart inspired, thoughtful meanderings ("Beautiful Insanity", and "Birthday Wisdom") written about one of my favorite topics... Birthdays! "Beautiful Insanity" was one of my first posts written as a Norton Patch Community and Family... Continue Reading →

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