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September 2015

Fish Sticks and Grace?

This is the Sermon I wrote for Chapel this summer at Camp Cody Saturday 8/15/15. Theme: Background Check Scripture: Micah 6:8 Micah was an Old Testament Prophet – who was watching the integrity of God’s people diminish. The people would... Continue Reading →

Religious Bible Thumping Hippies?

A visit to a post I wrote three years ago... For one of my classes this week, I have been asked to reflect upon my spiritual upbringing as a child... I have not wandered too far from this place... And... Continue Reading →

Teach us to pray….

Summer Worship Series:  Sunday September 6, 2015: Teach Us to Pray Scripture Reading: Luke 11:1-4, 9-10 Anne Marie Holloway Member in Discernment Old South Union Church September has arrived and for most (both student and teacher) the academic year has... Continue Reading →

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