Thoughts on Healing….


In preparation for our first year Confirmation class that meets weekly, we have been reading the Book of Psalms. We introduced a “Psalms Reading Plan” that suggests a few Psalms for the youth to read and reflect upon. Part of the reading plan also involves writing one of the Psalms down in a journal and creating a prayer that focuses on what was revealed in reading that Psalm. It has been a wonderful addition to our biblical studies and in-class discussions.

As I was reading, I came across a Psalm that we did not include in our suggested readings for the youth. I wrote it in my journal, so that I could remember to share it in class – as I found that it spoke to my heart. It simply read, “Lord my God, I called to you for help and you healed me.”
(Psalm 30:2)
With March being “Healing” month at the church I serve, this Psalm made me reflect upon what it means to be “healed”. A person may need healing for an ailment or a wounded heart. Healing is something deep and needed by us all. We all long to be healed, to feel whole, to experience joy in friendship, love in our relationships and good health. Sometimes healing comes in the form of making tough decisions, admitting a difficult truth, or having to face a fear. Healing may require letting go, embracing, forgiving and accepting.
(Psalm 103:1-5)
What I have learned about healing is that it is almost always an intertwining of sadness and joy – a perfect balance of tears and laughter. Healing can be both complicated and so simple. For me, healing is always followed by a gift of overwhelming peace.
(Psalm 91:4)
Anyways, as I reflected upon Psalm 30:2, I thought of those moments is my life when I found myself lost in worry, wounded, or sad. In each of those moments, I can not say that I have always remembered to hand everything over to God. Often times, I selfishly tried to heal those wounds myself – usually unsuccessfully.
(Psalm 147:3-5)
Healing can take many forms. I have found that healing usually comes to me in the form of other people; fearfully and wonderfully made creations breathed to life by God. I have been prayed over, hugged, smiled upon, sung to, kissed, surprised, forgiven, cared for, listened to, encouraged, advised, cried with, and unconditionally loved. I have been shown God’s grace made evident through the work of the Holy Spirit in the everyday bits and pieces of my little life.
(Psalm 51:10-12)
As Christians, we cannot help but reflect on this season of Lent – as we journey together to the Cross in search of healing. It is my prayer that our youth, when needed, will find healing. That they will remember that they can turn to each other for help and see God at work in their lives. That the youth can find comfort in being a part of a church family. That the divinely inspired words spoken in their Bibles are written specifically for them – with love.
(Psalm 119:41-47)

May you all see God at work in your lives. May you know His love, and be healed.

Peace and Joy to you….

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