We call her sunshine and showers. She wears her heart on her sleeve and contains more Grace then any little creature I have ever known. She will cry when she is happy and she will laugh when she is sad. She is uniquely simple and complicated all at the same time.
She has found her confidence – she knows how she fits into the scheme of things.  It has not been so easy for her to find her own identity in a world filled with very large personalities.

But she did and she is awesome.

She sings. She sings. She sings.

She finds music boxes and winds them up. She hums a tune to fall asleep and she skips her way to the breakfast table as she keeps the beat. Her older siblings tell her to hush and her younger brother tries to sing louder than she – but, she ignores them.

We share this – without speaking it ever outloud — we both agree that it is very important in life to have a theme song .

….A personal soundtrack (so to speak)  to dance along this journey we are on.

Her Father plays the banjo and I the guitar. She has asked for a ukulele for her birthday.

She is so cool.

I often look upon all my children with awe. I am delighted by their gifts of spirit and slightly saddened that the world may try to change them…

Anyways, each day she shares with me the most wonderful gift.  Whenever I pass by her she changes her tune – even if it is only for a minute – she saves a special song just for me. This special melody makes my heart soar whenever I hear it, it gives me a divine sense of our connection and how much she loves me.

She is the very essence of her name and she is a very large spark to the fuel of my own Faith.  A Faith so strong and simultaneously fragile… Both boldly trusting and weakly skeptical…A Faith that turns the secular sacred whenever I need it most…

We search and we search for answers and happiness. We go outside of our own homes seeking purpose and often ignoring what is simply right in front of us.

Faith is simply there for me, with no strings attached.

Faith reminds me that I am never alone.

Faith sings me a song every day… A song that fills my heart with joy and peace – a song that is uniquely my own and saved only for me.

Faith is a gift.